Through a series of partnership agreements, we welcome volunteers from organizations or social welfare programs who contribute to many of our institutional activities.

CESC Project

Since 2013, we have collaborated with CESC Project, an Italian organization that promotes civil service and international cooperation through the work of volunteers involved in cultural, educational and humanitarian actions in different countries.

In 2015, we received the first group of Italian volunteers who joined the team working with young people with disabilities at the Cañuelas Day Center, participating in workshops and community activities. In addition, these volunteers also suggested new activities that enriched the work of the local team and strengthened the bonds with both the visitors and the local community. Each year, a new group arrives and the program expands through new activities that help the volunteer program evolve.

Carlos Pellegrini High School

As part of this Buenos Aires high school’s “Solidarity in Action” program, teachers and first and second year students have been participating in workshops and projects with the children and teenagers at the Education and Therapy Center in Caballito since 2000. As part of this collaboration, different projects have been developed to get the school, IPNA and even other community organizations involved in activities such as excursions, day trips, trade show and integration conferences. The main focus of all of these activities is to promote the rights of children and adults with disabilities.