Our History

1988 – IPNA is founded

A group of individuals with a range of personal and professional experiences come together to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities. The first IPNA office opens in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito in order to provide educational programs and therapy services for children with intellectual disabilities.

1995 – First Rights for the Disabled Program

The institution opens its doors to the community with Programs Promoting Rights for the Disabled and Primary Healthcare. The programs are offered to different groups and civil society organizations.

1996 – First cultural project

IPNA organizes its first literary event, “Stories for a Future with Hope.” This is the first event organized by the institute’s Cultural Department, whose main objective is to give a voice and visibility to children with disabilities through different programs that promote creative expression.

2000 – New office opens in Cañuelas

A new building is erected on seventeen acres outside the city of Buenos Aires. The office is especially designed and equipped for people with disabilities. Here IPNA provides work training programs in gardening and plant production for young people with intellectual disabilities living in different towns in the Cañuelas district.

2002 – Community Training Programs begin

Thanks to strong ties to the town of Alejandro Petión, training programs were organized for local families to help them grow family gardens, thus contributing to their household economy and ensuring they eat high-quality organic produce.

2010 – The Day Center opens its doors

The Day Center in the town of Alejandro Petión is inaugurated. This center offers vocational training, recreation and integration activities for young people with disabilities and has forged strong ties with the local community.

2013 – Job Training Center

Thanks to a donation by the Japanese Embassy, a Job Training Center is built at IPNA’s main office in Cañuelas. This center provides vocational training and microenterprise programs for youth with disabilities.

2014 – Rights for the Disabled Program in other provinces

The institution expands its programs to promote the rights of people with disabilities to other provinces with the support of UNICEF. Projects target different communities, expert teams and local protection services.