What is the Disability Certificate (CUD)?

The Disability Certificate is a free public document valid throughout Argentina. To obtain the certificate, an interdisciplinary evaluation committee must certify the individual’s disability. This is a very important document so if it is lost, it is important to file a police report and contact the local evaluation committee in order to obtain a new one.

The CUD enables access to:

  • ANSES family allowances (Law 22,431, Art. 14)

  • Full coverage of basic habilitation and rehabilitation in union healthcare, private health insurance companies and the federal program “Include Health” (Law 24,901)

  • Non-contributory pensions

  • Full coverage of prescription medicine

  • (Law 23,662 Art. 28)

  • Free public transportation across the country (Decree 38/2004)

  • Employment in the public sector, according to Labor Quota Law 25,689

  • Prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, hearing aids

  • Access to education at regular public schools with a team of specialists

  • The right to demand the removal of architectural barriers or any other element that hinders access to public or private locations

  • International access sticker for vehicles allowing free parking for people with disabilities, always subject to local traffic laws in each jurisdiction

  • The right to reserve an exclusive parking space on the street in front of their home for people with severe motor impairment

  • Tax exemptions, according to the laws of each jurisdiction

  • Exemption from the license plate tax, in some jurisdictions